HELLO! I'm Michelle. I'm a registered Physiotherapist,  APPI Pilates instructor, nature-lover, trail runner, mountain-biker and Yoga enthusiast.  I qualified from UCT in 2016 and spent three years working in Cape Town - mostly in private practice. I opened my own practice in Port Elizabeth during lockdown in 2020. I am really enjoying being back in my hometown treating a mixed array of people. 


I live a very active lifestyle and strive to live a healthy, conscious life. As a Physiotherapist, or any healer, it is so important to be able to practice what you preach. Saying that, I learn so much from my patients and genuinely enjoy the interactions and lessons I learn on a day-to-day basis. I find the body absolutely fascinating- every case is a puzzle to be figured out- and it is overall such a rewarding experience, for both the patient and myself.I see the body as a three dimensional functional unit. I understand that nothing moves in isolation and that we cannot treat a single joint, muscle or issue in the body without taking the whole body into consideration. All elements are connected- your organs, your emotions, your sleep etc etc. I will help you in furthering your understanding of your body. 



BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) UCT

Class Medal in final year: Best Performance in Fourth Year

APPI Registered Pilates Instructor

The APPI curriculum is designed by Physiotherapists specifically for those working in the field of rehabilitation; therefore pathology, normal movement patterns, neuro-muscular timing and neural pathomechanics are addressed in relation to each exercise. 

Advanced Dry Needling

ODNS teaches an integrated approach to trigger point needling and pathology. I use Dry Needling in my practice when a patient consents to it and when I feel it is appropriate. It is said to improve pain and function by improving oxygenation of overloaded and dysfunctional muscles. 

Foot & Ankle Course

Presented by Helene Simpson. A comprehensive and evidence-based approach to treating the foot and ankle including a functional rehabilitation workshop. 

Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) diploma

 OMT is an evidence-based course grounded in the biopsychosocial management of patients with neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.The course covers the current approach to joint, muscle and peripheral neural tissue treatment, introduction to pain, communication skills, rehabilitation and movement control. The course is run over several modules and most lecturers have a post-grad qualification. Practical sessions are well supervised. To qualify for a certificate, a national exam consisting of theoretical, practical and clinical components, as well as a research component, must be successfully completed.